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World Lymphoma Awareness Day - 15 September.  Every year, along with their members, the Lymphoma Coalition brings together patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and others concerned and affected by lymphoma in 50 countries around the world to raise awareness of cancers of the lymphatic system.

In 2019 the Lymphoma Coalition launched the Small Things Build Confidence campaign.


After receiving the brief, I developed the user journey and user flow and designed the user interface to help bring together the community to create awareness against lymphoma.

I worked with a team made of stakeholders, project manager, content team and website developers to make the campaign a success.



Small Things Build Confidence

A multilingual website that encouraged and allowed the community to share a pre-made fact on their social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) with the hashtag #WLAD2019 or directly on the website, creating a new leaf on the Confidence Tree, building awareness and confidence for people living with lymphoma.

  • Multilingual

  • User is able to download resources on mobile and Desktop

  • Pull the Hashtag from different social media sources

  • The user is able to share a fact directly in the website

  • A new leaf is created every time the hashtag #wlad2019 is shared  on social media (twitter, facebook, instagram) or a new message is posted directly in the message.

  • Responsive


WLAD Wireframes.png


World Lymphoma Awareness Day 01
World Lymphoma Awareness Day 02
World Lymphoma Awareness Day 03
World Lymphoma Awareness Day 04
World Lymphoma Awareness Day 05
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