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Family Leisure Online Platform


Designing the shopping cart experience of the family leisure online platform.


A Donde Ir Con Niñ (Where to go with kids) is the family leisure online marketplace that helps parents of young children discover and book new, fun activities to do with their kids in Mexico City.

Developing the online shopping cart experience was critical for A Donde Ir Con Niños to improve the user experience, and at the same time, increase the company's profits.

A Donde Ir Con Niños platform didn't allow the user to buy activities on the platform, instead, it directed the users to the activity providers website.


Research told us the user doesn't want to have to go to a different website where they have to create different logins and can't keep track of what and when they have booked an activity. Sometimes the activity providers' websites don't look trustworthy so the users drop off before booking the activity.

For this project, we will use the user persona developed previously.

Team: Full stack developer, Stakeholders, Product Designer (me), Social media/marketing team

Tools: Sketch, Invision

The problem

There is an increased need to provide parents with a way to book family leisure activities efficiently and seamlessly in one place, therefore we would like to update the online platform to supply the users with the best shopping cart experience, increasing user trust, retention and bookings.


  • Improve the user's shopping experience

  • Make the user experience more enjoyable, trustworthy and efficient

  • Help activity providers get more bookings easily 

Competition analysis

The competition analysis made it clear that none of our competitors had a shopping cart experience in their flow which made it even more desirable for the stakeholder as it played an important part on the business plan and it would make the user experience better.

Screenshot 2021-05-04 at 19.19.46.png

User research​

To be able to gather inspiration and knowledge about the shopping cart experience, we conducted user interviews using activity providers' websites. 

Methodology: Qualitative interview

Goals of the user research:

  • Test the current version of the solution​ - Understand the current challenges users face when trying to book an activity

  • Reveal pain points and confusing experiences

  • Identify gaps and opportunities

The takeaways gathered from the user research were:

  1. Give detailed information about the event, price and delivery method to the user. 

  2. Shopping cart visibility at all times before checkout

  3. Clear call to action (“Add to Cart” "View cart" "Checkout")

  4. Confirm an Item has been added to Cart

  5. Show total price

  6. The checkout flow needs to be simple and clear to save the user time

  7. Establish trust- a good customer-brand relationship is important.

User flow​

Informed by user research findings, I drafted a user flow to organise content and represent the common path that the user might follow during the shopping cart experience. 



The user's shopping cart experience begins when the user views the cart and ends when she gets the payment confirmation.

The gradual engagement involves postponing registration/login for as long as possible, until the moment when the user wants to check out.

Screenshot 2021-05-12 at 15.08.07.png
Wireframes ADIN.png


We created a flow that is simple and seamless, the user has control on what is on her cart and doesn't need to have multiple logins or visit other websites to book her activities.

All of this means users are now able to book activities easily helping activity providers to get more clients.

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